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Fire Escape Door Coletta Doors Solutions
Fire Escape Doors

An escape door is one that allows people to quickly pass through, even if it is locked. The door should be hung to open in the direction of exit, and be fitted with simple fastenings that can be easily operated by people making an escape. The operation of those fastenings should be readily apparent and without the use of a key and without having to manipulate more than one mechanism.
Single and double leaf doors are available and our contract maintenance service will relieve you of the responsibility of maintenance and repair and enhance the life of all the industrial doors on your site.

We offer a comprehensive range of doors such as Personnel Access Doors and Emergency Fire Exit Doors.  They can be left hand or right hand hinged to suit your needs.

Single Fire Escape Door Coletta Doors Solutions
Fire Escape Latch Bar Coletta Doors Solutions
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Repair, Maintenance & Servicing.

We at Coletta Door Solutions offer affordable ways of ensuring your doors (or other equipment, below) is maintained safely.  Did you know that legally you should have them serviced annually?  We can remind you every year and provide you with a service report and a certificate valid for 1 year. 

To ensure yours, and your staff’s safety request a service.  Would you let your car go without a service?

We can repair, maintain and service:

If your product doesn't fall under one of the above categories, please Contact Us or View the Services Page

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